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premier multi-divisional fastpitch

The Champions Cup is an elite fast pitch softball showcase held annually in July of each year in Irvine, California.  The best of the best are accepted by invitation and/or requests to participate from teams who are registered ASA with top national or local rankings, past successes in tournaments, and/or are often referred and recommended by college coaches to attend.

We are a 501 (c) (3) organization (SoCal International Softball Festival Champions Cup).  If you are a team who has been accepted to participate, please open the file: 2012 Tournament Information Sheet below.  Please sign and submit all paperwork by requested dates and if you have any questions, contact Jim Bollinger, Tournament Director or Susan Bollinger, Assistant Tournament Director. 


[2] Colonel Bill Barber Marine Corps Memorial Park
Parking immediately behind the Irvine City Hall (Parking Lot 1) and across the driveway adjacent to the child care center and Deanna Manning Stadium (Parking Lot 2) is OPEN PARKING NOW
Parking Lot 3, accessible from Harvard Avenue at San Juan, is available at all times. Creekside Alternative High School's lot for RV's and overflow parking on July 11-15th is open. Creekside is located at the corner of Barranca and Harvard Ave and the parking lot is behind the school with entrances off of Harvard and Barranca heading west.



rain contingency.......

and ..... Live Results tab .... for pool scores and 18 bracket (for single elimination schedule) to see where you are seeded (will be filled in hopefully prior to midnight). If you lose your first game you will have a consolation game... (yellow in center of the bracket). All game times and fields are on the bottom of the bracket.


Guest Speaker for Tuesday July 10th 2012
Clint Myers

Clint Myers
Head Softball Coach
Arizona State University

WCWS 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011
WCWS Champions 2008 and 2011

Softball coach Clint Myers won his second national title in 2011 (also in 2008). In ASU Softball's now 40-plus year history, the sport has only had three coaches. More...

Guest Speaker for Tuesday July 10th 2012
Chuck D'Arcy

Chuck D'Arcy
Associate Head Coach
Arizon State University

Chuck D'Arcy joined the dugout as the pitching coach in 2011. A few of his accolades include:

• First and only person to win a World Championship in both the Men's and Women's World Championships, one as a player in 1980 and as a coach in More...

Guest Speaker for Tuesday July 10th 2012
Scott Woodard

Scott Woodard
Assistant Coach
Arizona State University

Woodard joined the Arizona State softball staff in the summer of 2011 after serving the last 15 years as the Director of Athletics and softball head coach at Western New Mexico University. A few of his accolades include: More...